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PetSure's cyber security now a strength with the help of AC3

Hear from Brett Jarvis, CIO and Robert Tang, Head of Information Security, at PetSure on how AC3 helped them turn their cyber security from a concern to a strength.

Brett Jarvis: "I am Brett Jarvis, Chief Information Officer for PetSure Australia.

I've been working with the pet insurance industry for the last three, nearly four years and I find it to be a very exciting and innovative insurance product, that I really believe makes a difference to our customers and their pets.

When I started in 2019 we were a growing, rapidly growing insurance business that really had security as a concern, not as a strength.

One of the key motivations was finding an organisation that had the same motivations and the same focus as a small growing company like PetSure, and in particular, had that customer first mindset around how security enables businesses, doesn't constrain businesses.

There were two predominant drivers for the AC3 decision.

The first was its ability to have information around the security domain. AC3 is one of the few security service providers at the size of business that it is that's got the breadth of offering that was required for PetSure.

But on top of that breadth of service, it was really a testimonial decision around the type of experience other AC3 customers were experiencing.

So breadth of service and customer testimonials were the key to a successful business decision."

Robert Tang: "The solution that AC3 has delivered for PetSure was a managed SOC solution, where they help us identify security anomalies through a collection of logs and help us investigate and manage security incidents."

Brett Jarvis: "PetSure chose AC3 as a technology partner predominantly because they had the right scale objective for our technology needs.

As a young insurance company, a lot of what we do changes on a regular basis and AC3's ability to change with us was a key selection criteria."

Robert Tang: "The detection component of the arrangement was to integrate security logs from all of our assets into the central monitoring system. Which enabled AC3 to triage, manage and investigate incidents for PetSure.

AC3 assisted PetSure in maintaining its cyber hygiene by providing visibility of our infrastructure.

They helped us identify security risks which we were not aware of in the past through network telemetry and correlation.

This helped us improve our hygiene by addressing potential blind spots which we weren’t aware of."

Brett Jarvis: "The success of our relationship is measured by myself in two ways. We have dramatically reduced the number of security breaches that we experience as a company, and we've dramatically increased our ability to respond when security risks, which are inevitable in all businesses, occur on a regular basis.

I have the joy of reporting to our board on a regular basis, volume of security incidents reduced to zero, ability to respond to security risk events, three, four, five times better than it has been in proceeding years.

One of the key things we've enjoyed in our partnership with AC3 is the strong and direct communication that exists between the two parties and the ability for both PetSure and AC3 to work collaboratively when anything goes wrong.

PetSure's partnership with AC3 has gone from strength to strength, year on year, and we look forward to partnering with AC3 well into our future."