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AC3 acknowledges the substantial global challenge of climate change and remains dedicated to decreasing its carbon footprint as part of the collective effort to combat this pressing issue.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we recognise our responsibility to lead the way in environmental sustainability. Our vision to combat climate change and promote sustainability across our operations, products, and services, and our dedication to implementing these strategies, cements our commitment to towards minimising adverse environmental impacts.

AC3 and Sustainability

We are Climate Active!
We are proud to announce that we are Climate Active certified in Australia. Climate Active is the only government accredited carbon neutral certification scheme in Australia.
Graviton Accelerator
In our effort to become carbon neutral by 2026, we are already investing in minimising our carbon footprint. We recognise that data centres are high in carbon emissions, and while the GovDC facility is as sustainable as possible, we are still conscious of our overall footprint and how we can reduce this.
HP Sustainable Impact Partner Award
We are proud to announce that we were named as a finalist for the Sustainable Impact Partner award at the HP Annual Partner Awards Night.

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