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Application transformation

Enabling your business to make data driven decisions to accelerate innovation.
As data becomes the most valuable asset for businesses, many are still suffering set backs from legacy applications and unstructured data. Transforming your applications will help you identify and achieve your business outcomes by leveraging your technology and data investments.

How we can help modernise your apps

Connected platforms
You need your data available, accessible and actionable. Integration of your core systems and sources of data can unlock insights and efficiencies. We approach software integration with the goal of leveraging your existing technology and modernising your applications to deliver tangible value quickly - without you having to outlay big budgets.
Next generation application architecture
Leverage innovative ways to launch new applications or re-imagine existing applications to stay ahead of your competition. We take a pragmatic approach when making recommendations related to re-designing existing applications for the cloud. Decoupling application functions using approaches, such as serverless and event-driven architecture, enables an organisation to scale out services based on demand, but independently of each other.
Data lake
Organisations today need to adapt to a data-driven world for a competitive edge. The volume of data available is increasing by the hour and the opportunity for investing in data as a corporate asset is now more important than ever. Our data lake solutions can help you discover, publish, search and share your enterprise data leveraging the cloud as an integral part of your data strategy. Our data-driven expertise will enable you to achieve your business objectives.

Key Features

Actionable insights
Better understand what your customers think, want and need, with the ability to organise and analyse your data.
Custom at scale
We have trusted frameworks based on best practice to deliver your project, but also customise it to your unique business needs.
Turn data into dollars
Invest in your data wealth, enable sharing and discovery to democratise access to data.
Deliver early and often
Improve your customer experience by decreasing the time it takes you to roll out new products and features.
Speed up changes
Enjoy the ability to easily change one element of your cloud application or service at any time, safely.
Agile culture
Shift to a more modern way of working so you can increase your productivity by aligning your priorities with customer feedback.
Best practice architecture
Reduce risks by leveraging the latest in best practice to improve resiliency and cost effectiveness.
Low risk, high compliance
Risk consideration and compliance requirements are built into our framework, so you can be confident that we will deliver.

Who is this for?

Organisations with high volumes of data who are struggling to make informed decisions due to lack of insight.
Organisations that have a set of disconnected applications that requires high effort to maintain, operate and monitor.
IT teams with tightly-coupled systems which make any simple change difficult to implement or causes too many side-effects.‚Äč

Why choose AC3?

1. We deliver cutting edge
We were the first company to build a serverless event-driven data lake solution in the NSW state government.
2. Track record
Our proven Agile delivery framework and governance model help you move quickly and securely
3. Accountability
We have a culture of accountability from the top down and are committed to helping our customers deliver their business outcomes.

Ready to take the next step?

Your data and your apps are key to your business success. We would love to help you make the most of them. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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