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Data Ecosystem Transformation

Enabling your business to make data driven decisions to accelerate innovation.
In an era where data is now a critical business asset, many organisations are challenged by their fragmented data systems and an inability to fully utilise their data wealth. Transforming your data ecosystems is a key to unlocking this potential, helping you improve business outcomes.

How we can help modernise your data ecosystems

Integrated Data Platforms
Ensure your data is not just available but is also interconnected and actionable. By integrating your core systems with your diverse data sources, we create a unified data ecosystem. Our strategy focuses on building robust data integrations to enhance your data capabilities without the need for substantial budgets.
Advanced Data Architectures
Embrace the future with Data LakeHouse, Data Mesh or Data Fabric based solutions. We specialise in crafting cutting-edge data environments that propel you ahead of the competition. Our approach involves re-architecting data systems for cloud optimisation, ensuring scalability and independent service expansion.
Strategic Partnerships
We are proud to be strategic partners with Microsoft and AWS, leveraging their cutting-edge cloud technologies to build robust, scalable data ecosystems. This ensures you benefit from the latest innovations and industry-leading expertise.

Key Features

Strategic Insights
Gain deeper understanding and actionable intelligence from your data, empowering decision-making at all levels.
Customised Solutions
Tailored frameworks aligned with your unique business needs, grounded in industry best practices.
Data Monetisation
Unlock the financial potential of your data assets through effective management and utilisation strategies.
Agile Deployment
Rapidly deploy new features and products, enhancing customer experiences and staying ahead in the market.
Seamless Scalability
Easily adapt and scale individual elements of your data ecosystem in a secure and compliant manner.
Agility and Productivity
Adopt a modern, agile approach to data management, aligning business operations with customer needs and insights.
Best Practice Architecture
Utilise the latest in data architectures, minimising risks and optimising for cost-effectiveness and resilience.
Compliance and Security
Benefit from a framework that inherently understands and addresses risk and compliance considerations.

Who is this for?

Organisations Shifting from Legacy to Cloud
Ideal for businesses in the process of moving from traditional on-premise data systems to agile, cloud-based environments. Our services facilitate this critical transition, enabling more scalable, efficient, and insightful data management.
Enterprises Seeking Data Integration and Analytics
Suited for companies aiming to consolidate disparate data sources into a unified cloud-based ecosystem. We specialise in creating seamless data landscapes that enhance decision-making and open new avenues for growth.
IT Leaders Advocating for Data Modernisation
Designed for IT decision-makers pushing for organisational modernisation. Through our expertise in Data LakeHouse, Data Mesh, and Data Fabric, combined with strategic partnerships with Microsoft and AWS, we provide robust solutions for transforming existing data infrastructures into flexible, cloud-based systems.

Why choose AC3?

1. We deliver cutting edge
We were the first company to build a serverless event-driven data lake solution in the NSW state government.
2. Track record
Our proven Agile delivery framework and governance model help you move quickly and securely
3. Accountability
We have a culture of accountability from the top down and are committed to helping our customers deliver their business outcomes.

Are you ready to transform your data into a powerful engine for business value?

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