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DevOps on Demand

Align IT and business with engineering through automation
Is your goal to deliver the best experience for your customers? To deliver features, faster, more securely while reducing risk and increasing automation?

If you want to break down the silos between development and operations to unlock the competitive advantage you need, DevOps is the key.

In today’s fast paced world, you need to be at the forefront innovation, releasing new products and features for your customers ahead of your competitors so you are not left behind. Partnering with AC3 as an extension of your DevOps team gives you the flexibility and ability to scale to deliver this in a very competitive marketplace.

Our DevOps practice will enable you to meet your business' needs by helping you leverage a fully flexible and automated environment.

How we can help your business

By providing an assessment of your current state and a feasibility roadmap to help guide you on your container journey.
Infrastructure as Code
Enjoy the ability to easily change a part of your cloud application or services at any time with flexible modular and secure architecture.
By automating your environment deployments and ensuring that each is identical every time from test to production.
Scale up and down on demand and with autoscaling, combined with health checks you can manage your environment without intervention.
Logging, alerting & monitoring
By implementing an alerting and monitoring solution, you can safely store your key data and scale to meet your requirements.
Our DevOps options
  • DevOps and Agile enablements | Enhance customer experience by rolling out customer products and services quickly – courtesy of a strong DevOps culture, Agile best practices and automation.
  • DevOps Managed Solutions | Have access to our expert engineers to assist in delivering the next big feature, or simply helping to work through your backlog with a DevOps solution that fits your needs.

Who is it for?

SaaS providers or start-ups looking to deliver more for their customers.
Organisations looking to scale up and down with flexibility and ease.
Organisations who are looking to meet their customers' evolving needs.

Why DevOps for your business?

Increased focus and productivity
Align and focus your Agile team on the right priorities based on real customer and internal feedback – ensuring visibility and understanding across the organisation.
Reduced costs
Centralise visibility to cloud usage and enable access to relevant usage data for key people across your extended business. Ensure effective cost allocation to measure ROI across your organisation.
Reduced risks
Reduce dependency on manual deployment processes and minimise risk by using automation, allowing you to reliably roll out software on-time. Reduce risk of deployments by ensuring environments are consistent and governance is embedded.
Continuous product improvements
Achieve continuous improvement through a high performing Agile culture. Enhance your competitive advantage by offering consistent product improvements.

Why work with AC3?

1. True partnerships
When you partner with AC3, you just don't get technical outputs. We approach DevOps as a true partnership, seamlessly integrating with your team and creating self-service capabilities, along with the technical expertise and augmentation to ensure your DevOps enablement journey is a success.
2. Proactive support
We provide in-depth, proactive monitoring and cloud support. With a range of Managed DevOps Solutions available, we’re a true extension of your team.
3. Trusted partner
If you're looking to scale, need to be 'always available' or deliver the best in your industry, you can be assured that with AC3, you can future-proof your existing environments without the burden of increasing maintenance cost.

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