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We’re IT experts, so we know how to find them.
We believe that magic happens when you combine the best people with the best technology. But how do you find those people? It can be tough – it’s not only about finding someone with the right technical skills, it’s also about finding that person who fits seamlessly into your culture. To do that, you need a true talent management partner.

Let us help you find the right people to do the job

Permanent recruitment
Finding the right person can make all the difference. Once you're ready to bring someone on board, you want to find the right balance of technical ability and cultural fit - quickly. We balance these two equally important aspects to deliver the right candidate. We have the technical aspect covered with our face to face, custom technical testing, using our own senior SAs and engineers, so we like to invest most of our time understanding the bigger picture of your business. Understanding team dynamics, previous challenges, what you do/do not want, company culture, etc. is all part of our partnership, helping us to find the perfect match for you!
Contingent workforce
Providing backfill resources or fixed term engagements is our bread and butter. We are a technical organisation which holds partnerships and accreditations with most of the industries major vendors. This helps us to stay relevant and establish a very broad and ever growing network of industry professionals. Our commitment to developing a trusted partnership helps us maintain the loyalty of our contractors and also means we have a constant stream of top talent available for short or long term engagements.
Workforce management
Sometimes you need flexibility in how you hire and manage people. Has there been a freeze on permanent head count or is your business going through a transition period and needs people on the floor but, don’t want to be locked in by employing permanent resources? We can help! Our workforce management solution is the answer. We take on the risk and management of the people so you can focus on what matters most, your business. We look after sourcing, screening, on-boarding, payroll, candidate support and management ensuring that there is a healthy client/candidate relationship for the best results.

Key features

Technical testing
Face to face, thorough testing with our own senior solutions architects and engineers.
Why stop halfway?
We go further than any other recruiter, completing 80% of the process for you.
Culture is king
Culture fit is important for long term, successful placements so we focus on finding someone who will fit in with your team.
3 month replacement guarantee
We understand that occasionally it doesn’t work out, so we offer a full replacement guarantee.
SLAs for backfilling
Need the comfort of knowing that we’re always there? We offer SLAs for emergency backfilling of your key roles.
Trusted partner
We understand your business and what you need so we can deliver for you, every time.
Simple, one-click digital timesheets
Don’t waste your time on admin. Our process are quick, simple and digital.
Access to our database
We’ve got a home grown database of 35,000+ contacts to tap into to find the right skills quickly.

Who is this for?

IT solution providers, commercial businesses and government.
CIOs, IT team leads, program managers, HR consultants.
Organisations who are in need of extra hands for a project.

Why choose AC3?

1. Unique service
We’re the only MSP with integrated talent management services, so our team can work across your business and IT environment, getting the right results faster.
2. Technical testing
Our technical testing is second to none! All candidates are tested by our own senior SAs and engineers in a live, two stage process. We even customise the tests to your exact requirements.
3. Culture
We understand that culture fit is just as important as technical skills and we focus on this for long term success, so we place a candidate for every two we present

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