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Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Reviews

Incorporate these Well-Architected pillars help produce a high quality, stable, and efficient cloud architecture
The Azure Well-Architected Framework is a set of guiding tenets that can be used to improve the quality of a workload. The framework consists of five pillars of architectural excellence: reliability, security, cost optimisation, operational excellence and performance efficiency.

Microsoft Azure Well-Architected pillars

Incorporating these pillars helps produce a high quality, stable, and efficient cloud architecture:
In a cloud environment you scale out rather than buying higher-end hardware to scale up. While it’s always desirable to prevent all failure, focus your efforts in minimizing the effects of a single failing component.
Cost Optimisation
An effective architecture achieves business goals and ROI requirements while keeping costs within the allocated budget.
Security is one of the most important aspects of any architecture. It provides confidentiality, integrity, and availability assurances against deliberate attacks and abuse of your valuable data and systems. Losing these assurances can negatively impact your business operations and revenue, as well as your organisation’s reputation in the marketplace.
Performance efficiency
Prioritise scalability as you design and implement phases. Scalability leads to lower maintenance costs, better user experience, and higher agility.
Operational Excellence
To ensure that your application is running effectively over time, consider multiple perspectives, from both an application and infrastructure angles. Your strategy must include the processes that you implement so that your users are getting the right experience.

The benefits

The Well-Architected review process allows you to understand possible risks and improve your architecture by addressing any issues.
Approach Cloud-Natively
By leveraging automation, you can reduce firefighting, capacity management overhead and experiment, working towards releasing more often.
Consistent approach to reviewing architecture
Understand where you have risks in your architecture, and address them before they impact your business and distract your team.
Understand potential impact
Ensure you have made active architectural decisions that highlight how they might impact your business outcomes.
Visibility of risks
Make sure your teams are aware of best practices that we have learned through reviewing thousands of customers’ architectures on Azure.

Why choose AC3?

1. Right-fit solution
At AC3, we’re dedicated in making technology work for you. Trust us with supporting and maintaining your Azure environment so your technical teams can concentrate on the things that matter. We leverage our Microsoft Azure expertise to be able to design a right-fit solution for you.
2. Highly-skilled team
We have highly-skilled Azure consultants who will architect a highly-available and scalable solution that meets your needs, then plan the migration pathway so you can start leveraging Azure in no time.
3. We're an extension of your team
We provide in-depth, proactive monitoring and Azure cloud support. With a range of support options available, we’re an extension of your support team.

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