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Optimise your technology

Get more out of your tech investments
It's all too easy for most business to ‘set and forget’ their technology spend.

The flexibility and ease of use the cloud can lead to bill shock if you’re not proactive. Beyond just cost savings, optimisation is about maximising your investment and delivering more for your business. At AC3, we can help you discover opportunities for optimising your configuration and costs while preserving availability and performance.

How we can help you get more out of your tech investment

Technical Account Manager (TAM)
A Technical Account Manager provides you with a trusted advisor who helps you to accelerate business outcomes by providing pragmatic advice for your unique business case. They will help you on your cloud journey, advising on strategy and technology adoption, ensuring you are on the right path, while saving you time and money.
Optimisation & Licensing Assessment
Help your customers migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) by providing them with key insights on unrealised cost savings opportunities that may exist within the structure of the current Windows licenses using the AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA). This free program gathers existing resource utilisation data to build cost models with right-sized instance recommendations, inclusive of licensing considerations, and will help educate your customers on the many options AWS offers.
With so many cloud services available, it can be hard to align the right service with your requirements. Cloud technologies are no longer one-size-fits-all and with so many options, it’s easy to spin up high end services when you may only need a simpler solution. Our rightsizing services can help you identify easy opportunity to save on your spend.
Continual service improvement
You need to continually align and realign your IT services to your ever changing business needs and priorities. We here to help. Using a process that leverages your feedback, and tightly integrates with other lines of business such as product management and managed services, we're committed to delivering true improvements to the overall customer experience

Who is it for?

Organisations who use public cloud services and don’t have tight controls on spinning up and down services.
Organisations who want to maximise their investment in their technology to deliver better business outcomes.
Government agencies or highly regulated industries like financial services who need to ensure they have best practices.

Why choose AC3?

1. Our vision
Our vision is to have the opportunity to help every organisation in ANZ be a hero for their customer, so we’re here to help you achieve your goals.
2. Accountability
We have a culture of accountability from the top down. Working with AC3 means you have access to a team committed to helping you.
3. Certified
Our team of experts are certified to the highest levels in their tech areas. We even have two AWS APN Ambassadors!

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