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Optimisation & Licensing Assessment

Optimise Microsoft Licensing Assets when migrating to the Cloud
Accelerate your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft workload migration process by developing a plan using the AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA) to ensure key areas of concern are addressed.

Employing this free program helps you accurately evaluate the existing Microsoft workloads in your on-premises and/or cloud environment, and then provides recommendations—based on your current resource utilisation data—on the deployment options for Microsoft workloads on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) across different deployment options. This process will also highlight the appropriate options available for you such as BYOL with Dedicated Hosts or shared tenancy Amazon EC2. The OLA is a cost free, no obligation 2-6 week assessment to help our customers reduce cost by rightsizing their existing workloads when they move to the cloud. The OLA scans your environment, Azure and GCP Windows & Linux workloads and maps a baseline for your infrastructure, licensing and resource consumption.

Types of assessments available to you

Licence Health Check
This health check prioritises areas for optimisation and saving potential while removing the complexity of licensing and looks at what’s possible with AWS. We then offer suggestions on leveraging existing software assets.
Optimisation & Licensing Assessment (OLA)
This assessment requires a 1 hour install - runs for 30 days. We scan your on-premises, Azure and GCP Windows & Linux workloads, map infrastructure, licensing and resource consumption and present an optimised future state AWS environment. We find the average savings of 30% in licensing and compute.

What are the benefits of OLA?

Cost savings
Our assessments highlight opportunities for saving by right-sizing environments based on best practice guidelines.
Accelerated migrations
Receive detailed reports and pathways to help accelerate your cloud migration journey.
Access to resources & tools
Access tooling and OLA Engagement Managers who can provide guidance on tool use and licensing requirements.
Comprehensive data analytics
Get accurate information about your current Microsoft estate and the savings that can be garnered by running in an optimised enviroment on AWS.

Why choose AC3?

1. ISG Report
AC3 has been identified as a Leader in ISG’s Provider Lens™ evaluation for AWS Ecosystem Partners Quadrant Report for AWS Managed Services, AWS Migration Services and AWS Consulting Services - December 2021.
2. Best practices
We are guided by AWS best practices to ensure your environment is designed for high availability, performance, security and scalability.
3. AWS Ambassadors
We have 2 AWS APN Ambassadors in our team and have been recently awarded with 100 APN Certification Distinction which recognises our IT professionals with the technical skills and expertise to design, deploy and manage applications and infrastructure on AWS.

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