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Technical Account Manager

Your trusted advisor who can help reach your goals.
An AC3 Technical Account Manager (TAM) Service provides you with a trusted advisor who helps to accelerate business outcomes by advising and adopting the Cloud technologies and solutions that are best fit and right sized for your business, putting you on the right path and saving you time and money.
Technology is constantly and rapidly advancing, and you need to keep pace - businesses are now falling behind by standing still in the cloud.

Without regular & quality strategic advice, your competitive advantage will diminish – competitors will be able to operate more efficiently, innovate more effectively, and advance quicker. To give quality strategic advice that is right for your business, AC3 needs to understand how your business works. With other providers this gap often doesn’t get directly addressed and doesn’t achieve the depth of relationship that two companies need in order to operate effectively. The Technical Account Manager ensures from a Technology and Business standpoint, that AC3 and your business are on the same page and are synergistically working together by providing trusted advice that is right for your business. This is achieved through:

Strengthen relationship
Strengthening the relationship through positive engagement.
Actively strategise
Actively strategising cost management and reduction plans.
Provide optimisation recommendation
Actively providing optimisation recommendations for your technical environment.
Subject Matter Expert
Being a Subject Matter Expert across your technical environment, who will proactively communicate updates and changes.

Get full support from your AC3 Technical Account Manager and grow your business.

Being senior technical resources, the TAM’s are fully enabled to deliver capabilities in a number of areas to your business:
Design and Adoption
Provides design assistance, right-sizing recommendations and initiate staff enablement.
Strategic Focus
Business outcome focus and reporting and alignment with AC3 roadmaps and technical guidance.
Special Access
Coordinates direct access to AC3 SME's and Product Experts to put you on the front line of AC3's diligently selected solutions.
Operational Health
Offers technical alignment and guidance towards optimisation that is in line with Best Practice Aware Health Advice.
Customer Advocacy
Proactive focal point into AC3 for regular technical expertise. Coordinates with AC3's Professional Services and Product and Technology, and Operational Services to drive business critical outcomes.

Your Technical Account Manager will help your business grow with the full support of AC3’s products and services to participate in meetings, investigate, and create documents to:
Optimise the cost of your solution – ensuring maximum value is extracted from AC3’s services.
Listen to issues currently affecting your business and how it relates to your environment.
Discuss and provide expert advice on technology, change and strategic direction.
Continuously analyse and provide advanced operational intelligence on usage, performance and governance.
Provide strategy, roadmaps and solutions to overcome these issues and optimise your environment, in line with best practices.

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