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Taking care of government for over 20 years.

Since being established in 1998 as the primary site for High Performance Computing within NSW, much as changed in the technology landscape. What hasn't changed is AC3's unmatched dedication to serving the public sector's technology needs. We have unique knowledge and experience in the challenges government face, and are here to help.

Government Cloud Services

We deliver cloud services designed specifically for government. As an anchor tenant in the NSW State Government data centre, GovDC, we are the safest pair of hands to manage your technology.
Government Private Network
AC3’s Government Private Network (GPN) was developed to provide a seamless and inexpensive way for government agencies to communicate with each other. The GPN is implemented on tried and tested infrastructure and uses an existing gateway that has been operational for several years and serves many of NSW’s largest agencies and departments. It is a reliable service for any agency who wants to communicate securely over a trusted network dedicated for government.
Leverage the power of the wider cloud community with high speed, secure connectivity to any public cloud or service provider, outside of NSW State Government. AC3’s Cloudivity service connects your agency via best in class technology to suit your unique use cases. Whether it’s quick connectivity to the public cloud, or a dedicated private link to a service provider, you can trust that your data with be secure and your experience seamless.
AC3 is an anchor tenant in the NSW State Government data centre, GovDC, with more experience than any other partner in delivering GovDC services, including the essentials of compute, storage, networking and data management. Our service offerings have grown with the facilities and we also provide services including engineering, project management and systems integration. Whether you're looking to move even more services in GovDC, or for a trusted partner to manage your environment, AC3 can help.
Compute as-a-service
Delivering a range of hosted virtualisation services, compute as-a-service gives you the best of both worlds – all the benefits of in-house IT, with the low cost and flexibility of cloud technologies. The infrastructure and enterprise grade system software platform you will have access to is highly robust and protected with maximum security. Choose from a range of dedicated virtual resources for high performance workloads or standby virtual instances which are disaster recovery-ready to your own pool of resources to suit the most demanding environments.
Storage as-a-service
AC3’s virtual servers are deployed with storage based on a highly available Storage Area Network (SAN). Whether your application needs higher disk I/O, resiliency or long-term flexibility, you can match your virtual server’s storage to its application. Have the flexibility to choose the storage that matches your business needs for specific cases, from simple capacity with minimal budget, to the highest level of redundancy with no single point of failure within the physical storage array and associated connectivity.
Network as-a-service
Businesses today demand a high-performance network that provides fast, secure and reliable delivery of applications to drive key business processes. We don’t cut corners. Within the data centre, all your compute resources are interconnected to a carrier grade fabric using redundant networking to give you uncontended throughput and millisecond latency. We also offer high-performance external network connectivity that is robust and efficient, which is critical in delivering your business service to customers and external third parties.
Data protection as-a-service
Backing up your organisation's data and systems is vital to provide business continuity. Our experienced team can deliver the most efficient and cost effective backup solutions to meet your operational and regulatory requirements. Your solution will be tailored to your specific frequency and retention needs, as well as your location and media requirements. Get simple, automated and secure data protection with AC3.
Platform as-a-service
Cloud infrastructure requires ongoing management and maintenance. Whether spinning up new environments for testing and deployment, or enabling on demand applications from a specified cloud environment, AC3's platform as a service helps you realise the benefits of cloud infrastructure without being an additional burden on your internal IT teams. Every organisation is unique, that's why take the time to get to know our customers and what they want to achieve from their platform requirements.

Why choose AC3?

1. First service provider to stand up platform in GovDC
We were the first service provider to stand up platform in GovDC — our experience is unmatched by any other partner.
2. ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and SCM0020 accredited
We've got the right accreditations and we're on the right panels to make doing business with us easy, including ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and SCM0020.
3. Government is in our DNA
Government is in our DNA, having once been part of the DFSI cluster. We're uniquely positioned to understand your challenges and help you deliver services to your citizens.

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If you are looking for the right partner who has the knowledge and experience in the challenges government agencies face, we are here to help.

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