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Private Cloud

Private cloud to help you scale with certainty
A powerful technology platform designed specifically for you.

You need a customised platform that will meet your IT requirements today, while giving you the flexibility to evolve with you, as your business needs change. We deliver that for hundreds of customers every day.

Private Cloud Services

We break it down to the basics: compute, storage, network, perimeter and backups. No complex billing models, yet flexible and granular enough to suit individual needs and pay for no more than you need. When you need more, just dial it up.
Compute as-a-service
Delivering a range of hosted virtualisation services, compute-as-a-service gives you the best of both worlds – all the benefits of in-house IT, with the low cost and flexibility of cloud technologies. The infrastructure and enterprise grade system software platform you will have access to is highly robust and protected with maximum security. Choose from a range of dedicated virtual resources for high performance workloads or standby virtual instances which are disaster recovery-ready to your own pool of resources to suit the most demanding environments.
Storage as-a-service
AC3’s virtual servers are deployed with storage based on a highly available Storage Area Network (SAN). Whether your application needs higher disk I/O, resiliency or long-term flexibility, you can match your virtual server’s storage to its application. Have the flexibility to choose the storage that matches your business needs for specific cases, from simple capacity with minimal budget, to the highest level of redundancy with no single point of failure within the physical storage array and associated connectivity.
Businesses today demand a high-performance network that provides fast, secure and reliable delivery of applications to drive key business processes. We don’t cut corners. Within the data centre, all your compute resources are interconnected to a carrier grade fabric using redundant networking to give you uncontended throughput and millisecond latency. We also offer high-performance external network connectivity that is robust and efficient, which is critical in delivering your business service to customers and external third parties.
Data protection as-a-service
Backing up your organisation's data and systems is vital to provide business continuity. Our experienced team can deliver the most efficient and cost effective backup solutions to meet your operational and regulatory requirements. Your solution will be tailored to your specific frequency and retention needs, as well as your location and media requirements. Get simple, automated and secure data protection with AC3.
Platform as-a-service
Cloud infrastructure requires ongoing management and maintenance. Whether spinning up new environments for testing and deployment, or enabling on demand applications from a specified cloud environment, AC3's platform as-a-service helps you realise the benefits of cloud infrastructure without being an additional burden on your internal IT teams. Every organisation is unique, that's why take the time to get to know our customers and what they want to achieve from their platform requirements.

Why choose AC3 for your private cloud needs?

1. ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified
Rest assured that we have quality and security in mind every step of the way with our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 information security certifications.
2. Australia’s leading secure multi-cloud service provider
We are Australia’s leading secure multi-cloud service provider that manages over 14,000 virtual machines in seven data centres.
3. We're trusted by over 50% of NSW government agencies
We're trusted by over 50% of NSW government agencies, and over 700 enterprise customers.

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