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Next Generation Antivirus and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Uplift your endpoint protection capability with advanced detection methods and improved visibility and rapidly respond, isolate and remediate security events.
Modern attacks such as ransomware and advanced phishing are becoming more and more widespread each year. These types of attacks require next-generation antivirus (NGAV), which can stop more attacks, identify more threats and close off security gaps more effectively when compared to traditional antivirus.

AC3’s NGAV and EDR solutions deliver the best endpoint protection available for your business, protecting against the full spectrum of modern attacks. These are purpose-built to utilise cloud-based analytics enable an even more dynamic and proactive approach to endpoint security.

Endpoint detection and response solutions gather, record and store large volumes of data from different endpoint sources to provide security officers with a surveillance-like visibility to detect, investigate a past incident or to proactively counter threats in their environment. EDR would often be likened to highly-skilled security professionals or security operation centres (SOCs), who use their advanced experience and knowledge to uncover activities that indicate compromise or a breach. Today, next generation antivirus (NGAV) solutions include EDR capabilities to help security teams identify threats and investigate incidents beyond prevention

VMWare Carbon Black Endpoint Protection

Consolidate multiple endpoint security capabilities and operate faster and more effectively with a single, cloud-native platform.
Endpoint Standard
Next-generation antivirus and behavioural endpoint detection and response (EDR).
Managed Detection and Response
Managed alert monitoring and triage.
Audit and Remediation
Real-time device assessment and remediation.
Enterprise and EDR
Threat-hunting and containment.

Key features

Comprehensive protection
Protection from known and emerging attacks and in-product alerts available on the latest attacks from security experts.
Real-time alerts
Visibility into the whole stack and endpoint activity analysis available and faster response times with real time alerts and remediation.
Flexible security policies
Ability to respond remotely and minimise downtime to endpoints with a tool that allows to instantly roll back attacks from the console.
Backed by security experts
Stay up to date on the latest attacks with in-product alert continuously updated by Carbon Black’s Threat Analysis Unit and security experts.
Single agent and cloud native platform
All-in-one cloud-native platform enables you to automate operational tasks and easily integrate with your existing tools to boost the productivity of your endpoints and your team.

Why choose AC3

1. History
We are the largest MSP in the NSW Government Data Centres and actually created the private network that the NSW government uses for its most secure communications — with zero data breaches in 20 years!
2. Certified
We are one of the only Australian privately owned cloud provider certified in governance and compliance across next-generation multi-cloud infrastructure and applications.
3. Trusted partner
When you work with us, you’ll be in good company. Trusted by more than 50% of NSW government agencies – including the NSW Department of Justice and the NSW Treasury – you can sleep soundly knowing your data is secure.

Ready for the next step?

Are you looking to secure your organisation's data and customers' information from cyber security threats but don't know where to begin? In that case, AC3 has the tools and the expertise to give you complete security visibility and identify any threats before they infiltrate your network.​ In fact, we’re already doing this for some of ANZ’s leading financial services organisations.

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