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Scaling your SaaS organisation means more complexity and risk, and more demand on your time and resources. Secure scalability in the cloud helps you to stay agile and competitive. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we work with you to embrace the changes within your business and securely, run in the cloud. From migration to cloud management, to getting the most out of your cloud environment (private, public, hybrid) and accelerating your growth, our experts know how to make your technology work. As leaders in secure cloud solutions, we’re here to help you find clarity in the cloud.

Secure cloud services

Where are you on your cloud journey?
Migration to the cloud
Taking the first step is often the hardest for organisations. Cloud migration paves the way for the exciting innovations to come. We will partner with you to help you achieve your target digital maturity by leveraging our experts to develop a migration plan which identifies the right path forward, including TCO comparisons and plans for critical applications which may need further optimisations.
Managed Cloud
Cloud and infrastructure managed services are at our core. Our team of experts are ready to consult and design the best cloud strategy for your requirements, deliver and implement the project and provide 24/7 proactive support and monitoring. Whether your business requires a public, private or hybrid strategy, we can run and optimise your environment and we're committed to delivering world class service and stability.
Security Services
Achieve operational simplicity by partnering with AC3 for your core security services. With changing compliance requirements, cloud technology and an ever increasing remote workforce, securing your business can be complex. Our goal is to help you reduce the cost of compliance, while keeping you protecting in a fast changing threat landscape. At AC3, we help you understand any vulnerabilities, working with you to implement solutions that work across your entire cloud environment and endpoint devices.
Private Cloud
We understand you may need to keep close control and strict governance on data sets which simply cannot be running on shared infrastructure. Highly classified content or licensing restrictions are perfect for our secure private cloud. Our virtual private cloud blueprints can be easily customised or deployed as-is, ranging from totally isolated, air gapped environments with dedicated storage arrays, next-gen firewalls and core networking, to less isolated private environments built using shared networking and storage, yet dedicated compute nodes. Your needs are unique, so we offer a free assessment on balancing your needs around data sensitivity and costs in your environment.

Who is it for?

Organisations who want to be sure they are running their cloud environment according to best practices.
Organisations who want to leverage the cloud to accelerate their business.
Companies who want to leverage next-generation cyber security practices and looking for operational simplicity

Why choose AC3?

1. We're ISO certified
Rest assured that we have quality and security in mind every step of the way with our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 information security certifications.
2. 14,000 VMs
We are Australia’s leading secure multi-cloud service provider that manages over 14,000 virtual machines in seven data centres.
3. Trusted partner
We're trusted by over 50% of NSW government agencies, and over 700 enterprise customers.

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