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Laybuy's digital transformation journey

We interviewed Justin Soong, Chief Technology Officer at Laybuy. Laybuy is a New Zealand online payment start-up that launched four years ago and is on a fast expansion track. Hear about their digital transformation journey.

The challenge that we face as a business is one that every business dream of. Scale up business, going to new markets and territories and bursting at the seams. We recently moved to the cloud and needed deep on demand support and expertise in the AWS Cloud. We were on the path to containerisation and our journey of Kubernetes as a platform and we needed expertise now. AC3 were able to provide that.

So, choosing an AWS technology partner was very important to us and we had three central tenets. One, they needed to have deep expertise in AWS. AC3 were Premier Consulting partners for AWS and that was a big tick. Two, they need to have on the ground support and presence here in our home of Auckland, New Zealand. It's great the AC3 are just 10 minutes down the road. Lastly, they had to align with our values and be great people. From the initial conversations and meetings that I had with AC3 over the phone and in person, it was a no-brainer.

The solution proposed to us was to do a review of our AWS architecture and also bringing full observability of our infrastructure. This meant doing an AWS Well-Architected review, do a deep dive into our environments and implement Datadog as our single pane of glass for observability.

The solution was executed in two phases. AC3 provided us with a top-notch solution architect, who truly wanted to understand our business now and where we were heading in the next one or two years. The scope was produced, deep dive was done and clear plans for execution was then generated from the initial exercise.

Out of that, cloud engineers jumped into support building our AWS environments and our Datadog integrations. The result was very predictable: AWS environments that could scale and change over the course of our business.

It also gave us a single pane of glass to observe our systems in real time, observe scale ups and scale downs and be able to bring onboard new developers and DevOps Engineers very quickly to our business.

One of the biggest things I learnt out of this process was that technology is a people business. Without great people behind making good decisions based on great data none of this would have happened. We really appreciated all of AC3’s people and all the Laybuy developers and engineers that have contributed to our system.