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The tips to becoming an AWS Ambassador with Greg Cockburn

In 2018, the AWS Ambassador Program was launched. The program recognises leaders in their fields and looks to hero leadership and boost profiles. Greg Cockburn has been part of the program since its inception.

Started in 2018, the AWS Ambassador Program is designed to recognise people in the AWS Partner Network that are seen to be leaders in their respective fields. AWS Ambassadors are technical experts, and are able to boast their proficiencies through technical write-ups, blog posts, open- source projects and many other ways of driving thought leadership.

AC3’s Greg Cockburn has been part of the program since its inception. Recently, Greg was given the highest accolade, when he was recognised as the #1 ANZ AWS Ambassador for 2022, but for Greg, it’s about so much more than the award. It’s about the recognition among peers as well as being able to network and pass on his knowledge. It’s also about getting to know the competition. “You meet people that you’re in competition with, but you get to know them. You can talk about technology and learn,” Greg says about the networking events and conferences that Ambassadors are invited to attend.

“It’s one of the things that I love about the program. We’ve probably all pinched bits and pieces from each other, and we are just evolving within that. It’s just a big community.”

For the AWS Ambassador veteran, Greg says his biggest tip for those starting out is to not get hung up. “Don’t get hung up on trying to do something new, trying to write something new. Find something you’re passionate about and write about that,” says Greg.

Even if you think that a subject has been done to death, you will have a new view on it. It will come naturally if you want to write about it.
- Greg Cockburn

Greg believes that the AWS Ambassadors are about solving particular problems. With laptops open, the Ambassadors gather at summits and learn about new AWS services, and the related AWS open-source projects and help creating bigger communities.

To stay on the program, Ambassadors need to maintain their contribution to the community. Keeping up with blog posts, encouraging AWS certifications and passing on their skills and experiences both within their own organisation and the wider community. Greg says it can be hard to maintain it. “I’m a bit more off the tools these days, but I really believe in the program so I push myself to stay connected, keep writing, keep learning.”

For Greg, the work has paid off. “The award recognised my contribution,” he says. “I had no expectation of getting it. I found out on Twitter!”

As a result, Greg has been able to travel to different conferences and meetups around the world. He speaks fondly of his connection with other Ambassadors, and being able to write about and share topics he’s passionate about.

“And, I really love the swag. I have all the t-shirts!” Greg finishes.