The Customer

Sydney-based Professional Transcription Solutions (PTS) provides high-quality transcription services to medical, legal and business clients through an online system that speeds workflow whilst also ensuring the information remains confidential.

The Challenge

After starting with a single client, PTS grew quickly as doctors realised the benefits of using a professional transcription service. In the early days, doctors would send audio recordings of dictated reports and correspondence to PTS by mail on CDs but, this was not a sustainable or scalable solution.

Delays and the potential for sensitive information to go missing meant a better system was required.

After creating a web-based system that allowed clients to send audio files directly to its server, PTS' client base grew to the extent that it required a more secure and reliable location for its server.

The Solution

AC3’s hosting facility and top-class security features made it a logical place to house the PTS server and provide full support.

Managing data security and confidentiality was essential. Audio files sent by doctors and clinical staff contain highly sensitive information often including patient names, doctor’s details and sometimes entire health and medical histories.Working with AC3, PTS built the required infrastructure to put in place an effective, simple to use system with robust firewalls and tools that secured the links between AC3’s data centre and any customer's premises. AC3 also implemented a disaster recovery plan to add another layer of protection.

The Results

The ability to maintain security of patient records while delivering a valuable service to medical staff using its hosted infrastructure has allowed PTS to further grow its business.

PTS now processes up to one terabyte of data each month and transcribed documents are made available for clients to download from the password-protected AC3-hosted server. Doctors at one hospital can pick up any phone handset, record their voice to file on a local server and securely transfer it to the PTS server where it is accessed by transcription staff via a secure VPN channel.

With the hosted infrastructure in place, PTS continues to grow its client list - providing transcription services to hospitals including Liverpool, Campbelltown, Bankstown, Concord, Canterbury, Nepean and Westmead Hospital.

When doctors wanted to be able to push voice recordings from a server at the hospital securely to PTS, the company worked with AC3 to build the required infrastructure and put in place an effective, simple to use system to meet the doctors’ needs. Plus PTS has the peace of mind, control and confidence that comes from knowing its data centre is securely housed on its own infrastructure in Australia.

“AC3 was very supportive of a small business in start-up mode. They provided full support and helped me move my existing system to their infrastructure," said Managing Director, Raji Swaminathan.

“We find it is much better using a data centre in Australia, rather than relying on one in India or the United States," he commented.

“I would rather have my own infrastructure with complete control over my own data and server and this is what AC3 provides. If my data is held in America, I can’t have confidence in security for my clients as I don’t have any control over it,” added Swaminathan.