A government registry responsible for the accurate and secure registration of vital life events has been ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of these records since the mid-19th century. To maintain its essential function, the registry has continually updated its systems and processes. By early 2024, their most critical application, vital for managing registrations, had become outdated, presenting significant challenges in terms of scalability and security compliance.


The urgency to redevelop and launch the new application by late June 2024 was driven by the non-compliance and inefficiency of the existing system. With an aggressive and immovable deadline, the agency engaged an existing composite Managed Service Provider (MSP) and client agile development team to spearhead the transformation. As the deadline approached, it became evident that additional skilled resources were necessary to meet their support and operational handover deadlines. Since AC3 were already the provider of ongoing support, the agency turned to AC3 for additional advice on how to rapidly fill this gap. The agency was not familiar with what level of support was needed exactly so required a flexible solution. AC3’s expertise and thought leadership identified options to ensure the project remained on track and met its critical milestones.


To address the resource gap and ensure timely delivery, the registry decided to leverage an external DevOps Management service team. Initially, the plan was to recruit skilled contractors, but urgency required a faster solution. Within 3-4 days, the external team was onboarded and immediately integrated into the existing agile Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, quickly adapting to the workflow, addressing the backlog and maintaining the project cadence.


The intervention by the AC3’s DevOps team proved pivotal in recovering the project timeline. The application was successfully launched with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) by the stipulated deadline in late June 2024. AC3 continued to provide essential hyper-care and mandatory enhancements post-launch, ensuring the system's stability and continuous improvement.

Through this collaboration, the agency not only met it’s immediate deadline but also established a foundation for ongoing digital transformation, ensuring that the application remains robust, scalable, and secure for future needs. The seamless integration and efficient performance of the DevOps team underscored the importance of agile processes and responsive resource management in achieving critical project outcomes