The Customer

Moxion is the biggest breakthrough in film-making technology in years.

Moxion provides a SaaS solution to the film and TV production sector. The unique way footage can be viewed, shared and edited by filmmakers and used by international productions, with production crews located at multiple locations around the world. Using proprietary technology, Moxion allows a footage to be viewed, with metadata, within seconds after capture.

And not just on set! Using secure encryption, to the highest industry standard, Moxion allows production crews, anywhere in the world, to view and edit the footage in near real time.

The Challenge

Moxion’s challenges were centred around how to optimise and automate their existing AWS environment in order to rapidly scale, increase release cycles, improve quality assurance and support agile development.

Moxion also knew they needed to improve their security posture, and this was one of the key drivers for change.

With the hire of a new CTO, Nathan Smith, Moxion looked to re-architect their environment and engaged AC3 to partner on the project. The vision was to achieve fully automated deployments, best practice security controls and very high availability within a tight 3-month time frame.

The Solution

AC3 leveraged their extensive AWS public cloud capabilities to deliver a comprehensive technical solution. With a Solution Architect and specialist Cloud Engineer embedded in Moxion, partnering with the internal team, we were able to expand the breadth and depth of public cloud infrastructure knowledge and share best practice processes to deliver an entire new infrastructure environment within 3 months.

The technical solution included building a fresh set of AWS accounts and foundation services using AWS CloudFormation. The system architecture was also completely redesigned and rebuilt using predominantly AWS managed services and Serverless technologies, including AWS Lambda, RDS, S3, Route 53, and auto-scaling EC2 instances.

AC3 also worked with Moxion to deliver their AWS foundation structure, system architecture and application code in an end-to-end pipeline, using a blue/green deployment methodology. This means that for every new application release, a new set of AWS infrastructure and services are built, with the old infrastructure torn down after each successful deployment. This enabled Moxion to automate the security and consistency of their AWS cloud.

The solution also included some custom software development by AC3, developing a tool to seamlessly migrate all of Moxion’s data from its existing AWS account into the new account.

The Results

Partnering with AC3 allowed Moxion to move their current environment quickly and accurately. AC3’s outstanding record and extensive knowledge in AWS migration gave them the confidence to go to market faster.

Improved Efficiency

One key benefit for Moxion is the ability to release code more frequently, increasing their release frequency fourfold. The increased automation and newfound stability, has enabled their development teams to work more efficiently.


Based on world-class cloud infrastructure, Moxion can rapidly evolve, providing global reach to customers filming around the world. With no legacy infrastructure and the ability to release rapidly, new innovations can be deployed at speed, in a safe and controlled manner. This resulted in Moxion securing business with some of the world’s largest production studios.

Increased Security Posture

New best practice architecture has reduced security risks, and improved their ability to remediate vulnerabilities quickly. Moxion have credited this increased security with winning new business as customers require them to pass security/compliance testing, usually in a short timeframe, cost savings and better customer experience.

System Uptime

System availability is a KPI and their uptime (99.99% to 100.00%) is now a value proposition. By implementing a stable platform, AC3 have helped to increase the value delivered to customers.


__"The partnership provided me with breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise from the solution architect and a specialist cloud developer we engaged with. The project was to build up a whole new set of AWS infrastructure as code for Moxion on a multi-account AWS architecture and also create the tools needed to migrate all of Moxion’s data from its existing AWS account into a new account. Having the AC3 team was of huge value to us to be able to finish the project in a tight 3-month timeframe." _

Nathan Smith, Chief Technology Officer