Clarety Pty Ltd (Clarety) required the renewal of existing Reserved Instances for RDS, Memcached, and OpenSearch, along with the extension of their EC2 Instance Savings Plans. They sought a cost-effective solution for sustaining their AWS infrastructure, enabling effective budgeting, and forecasting, and ensuring the optimal utilisation of resources.

Given the operational constraints preventing technical changes and re-architecting, Clarety and AC3 agreed to update services to reserved instances and a savings plan.

By utilising the AWS Pricing Calculator, AC3 established that committing to reserved instances and a savings plan over a 12-month duration would yield a cost benefit of 29.98%. This calculation was based on the pricing of on-demand instances at the time of renewal.

A combination of Amazon EC2, Amazon Aurora MySQL, ElastiCache, and OpenSearch were used to meet the specific needs of Clarety and the industry they operate in.

Of note, Amazon EC2 offers reliable and scalable infrastructure with 99.99% availability, whereas ElastiCache delivers real-time, cost-optimised performance for modern applications, scaling to hundreds of millions of operations per second with microsecond response time, and ensures enterprise-grade security and reliability.

AC3's responsiveness and initiative were commended by Clarety, particularly when instances approached their renewal date. AC3 demonstrated a commitment to providing the best value to their customers. Clarety expressed satisfaction that AC3 informed them in advance of the impending expiration of reserved instances. AC3 reassessed their environment and proactively ensured the lowest possible expenditure for the account, aligning with Clarety 's desired commitment term of one year.

Through reserving their instances and implementing a savings plan, AC3 allowed Clarety to forecast for their compute expenditure as well as free up budget to use more accurately on other projects.