Moonstream specialise in maintaining, supporting and selling TABS® – Travel and Accommodation Booking System, a system they believe leads the way in the provision of Personnel Travel Logistics Management.

When faced with renewing their AWS infrastructure and maintaining cost-effectiveness, Moonstream turned to AC3 to determine how their cloud infrastructure could be more efficient and cost-effective, whilst also having the ability to drive innovation and growth.

For AC3, the goal was clear – to renew Reserved Relational Database Server (RDS) instances and implement an Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Instance Savings Plan to ensure a sustainable and cost-efficient solution for Moonstream's AWS infrastructure.

After a thorough evaluation, AC3 recommended committing to Reserved Instances and a 1-year partial upfront savings plan over a 12-month duration. The projection indicated a substantial cost benefit of over 30%, compared to relying solely on on-demand instances.

The strategic decision to combine Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS was made to meet the specific needs of Moonstream and align with the industry standards they operate in. This approach ensured that the cloud infrastructure not only met performance requirements but also remained scalable and adaptable to the evolving demands of the industry.

By reserving instances and implementing a savings plan, this enabled Moonstream to accurately forecast their compute expenditure. It provided financial predictability and freed up budget that Moonstream could now redirect towards other critical projects and initiatives.

The optimised AWS infrastructure not only resulted in significant cost savings but also enhanced operational efficiency and flexibility.

Strategic cloud optimisation can have a large impact on a company's bottom line and overall business agility. By embracing innovative solutions and leveraging the power of AWS, Moonstream is now well-prepared for the future, empowered to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence.