The company

Founded in 2014, ItsMy Group provide teleadvice, retention, customer experience and technology solutions to the Private Health Insurance sector.

We spoke to Ron Quah, Head of Technology at ItsMy Group on how AC3 has supported ItsMy Group in modernising their environment, enabling them to scale with ease.

The challenge

As an expanding business, ItsMy Group were faced with the need to modernise their legacy environment. It was essential for ItsMy Group to adopt new technologies that enabled them to automate and deploy frequently with lower risk, as well as meet increasing industry compliance.

ItsMy Group needed “a modern, secure, reputable scalable cloud computing platform,” said Ron.

“There were limitations with our existing platform. It wasn’t meeting our specific functional criteria needed at the time and we were looking to modernise our system.”

“We had increasing pressure in regard to the compliance side of things, from both our customers who are highly regulated, particularly around information security and web application security.”

“We needed to look for technology that could meet our demands and the regulations within our industry.”

The solution

ItsMy Group were searching for a technology partner that could work with them to modernise their environment.

“AC3 knew the challenge we were having based on their experience working with other customers.”

“The proposed solution was to move our critical applications to a modern, secure and scalable cloud computing platform in AWS.”

With the need for a scalable, highly regulated environment, AC3 proposed a DevOps Managed Service, including technical workshops, change management, automated continuous compliance, continuous improvement of infrastructure, environment performance reviews, security reviews and recommendations and reactive support.

“It was structured in a way that we worked with the AC3 DevOps team, Solution Architecture team and the Cyber Security team”, said Ron.

“We were able to do the migration to AWS, penetration testing, development, pipeline building development and resource computing and resource architecture.”

“I was expecting it to be far more challenging than what we actually experienced. I think it’s the amount of test analysis and preparation that was conducted that has contributed to a successful project.”

“We spent over eight months ensuring it was going to be a smooth transition over to AWS. Everything was done in the best possible manner. Our stakeholders are very satisfied with the outcome.”

The results

As a result of the migration to AWS and AC3’s DevOps managed services, ItsMy Group are now enabled to scale their environment based on demand and business drivers and reduce implementation time of new services.

ItsMy Group have improved the quality, reliability and reusability of their environment, maintain security and governance.

“It was a very good experience with AC3. It wasn’t just working with a single team. It was working with a group of people who knew our challenges. We coordinated as a team to achieve our goals,” said Ron.

“AC3 plays a very important role in how we run our technology. We work close with the DevOps team and our account manager. Communication has always been a strong part of the relationship.

“It gives a lot of confidence to actually focus more on delivering customer experience as well as innovative products rather than worrying about building technical teams internally, we can focus on the things we need.”

“We went through a rigorous selection process with a few vendors before deciding AC3 was the most suited for us to work with. We’ve been proven right, and we’ve never looked back since!”