The Customer

Nimble started their journey in 2005 as an online lending company. Their purpose is to remove the traditional barriers associated with lending and make money accessible to those who need it. The lending process: from loan application, processing, approval, to grant should be quick, easy, and painless.

In 2009, Nimble became the first company in Australia to implement paperless application for their loans. Then in 2011, they were able to offer straight-through processing with no person required throughout the loan application. In 2013, they began to pay their members every day of the week. To date, they have funded 1.7 million Nimble loans, serving their customers, and delivering on their promise.

The Challenge

As an Australian money lender, Nimble have access to a lot of confidential data and information provided by customers as they apply for loans. They needed a secure cloud environment, a platform that is always available so their customers can submit their requests without interruptions, and a highly scalable infrastructure, one that meets the ever-changing demands of their business.

For Nimble to be able to serve their customers better, they were looking for a partner to provide comprehensive management, monitoring and technical support of their AWS infrastructure and services. This included addressing requests that range from answering best practice questions, guidance on configuration, all the way to break-fix and problem resolution.

Nimble has a team of developers but sought technical expertise and knowledge in AWS cloud. Their business is growing at a fast pace, and they wanted to focus on providing better value to their customers. To be able to rely on a partner to manage and monitor their AWS environment has become a very important requirement to fulfill.

The Solution

AC3 provided Nimble with AWS Managed Services and support with a mix of tools, technology, and highly trained and experienced cloud experts to manage and operate their AWS infrastructure more efficiently and securely.

As there were numerous facets of computing, networking, and security services that all needed to be configured and managed within Nimble’s cloud environment, AC3’s Support team ensured that the right users have access to the right services and that the company doesn’t incur unexpected or unnecessary costs. AC3 were able to deliver operational flexibility, enhanced security, and compliance and optimised Nimble’s environment capacity, and helped them identify cost savings through cloud optimisation reviews.

With AC3’s proven ability to deliver business outcomes and by leveraging AWS services, they were able to provide added value to Nimble’s business and optimise their operational capabilities within their AWS environments.

Finally, by working closely with Nimble’s team, they were able to expand the breadth and depth of AWS cloud infrastructure knowledge and share best practice processes to deliver on both business and technology outcomes.

The Results

AC3 have provided Nimble with the following benefits:

High availability and improved performance

System availability and improved performance are important value propositions for Nimble. With a stable environment designed for 100% uptime, AC3 have helped Nimble increase the value delivered to their customers.

Operational Flexibility

AC3 cloud experts worked alongside Nimble’s team to deliver proven operational assistance. They were able to provide them with the flexibility in selecting the right level of operations assistance, monitoring, incident reporting, and patch management on their AWS environment.

Optimised environment with cost recommendations

AC3 have provided cost optimisation recommendations to Nimble’s current AWS cloud environment. Any savings identified in the report will help reduce cloud spend without impacting their operational outcomes or security.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

AC3 helped reduce the burden of meeting compliance program requirements through automated detection and remediation automations within Nimble’s AWS environment.

Access to 24x7 support

From day-to-day monitoring and support to recovery and redundancy strategies, Nimble have a trusted partner in AC3 to count on.