The Client

PartsTrader is a digital platform connecting automotive repair shops with suppliers and vendors of auto parts and supplies, streamlining the process of sourcing, and purchasing parts for vehicle repairs. It provides a centralised marketplace where repairers can easily search for, compare, and order the necessary components. PartsTrader Markets aims to enhance efficiency and transparency in the automotive repair industry, enabling repairers to find the right parts at competitive prices while fostering collaboration and trust between repair shops and suppliers. This platform simplifies the parts procurement process and helps reduce the time and effort required to complete vehicle repairs, benefiting both repairers and suppliers.

The Challenge

PartsTrader has experienced substantial growth in recent years, leading to a significant increase in its usage of AWS (Amazon Web Services) and related expenses. This expansion is driven by the platform's growing popularity and adoption within the automotive repair industry, resulting in higher demand for their services. Consequently, PartsTrader has scaled up its infrastructure and resources hosted on AWS to accommodate the growing user base, delivering a seamless and reliable experience in line with the platform's commitment to efficiency and effectiveness in the automotive parts procurement process.

The Solution

AC3 played a pivotal role in helping PartsTrader negotiate an All Services Preferred Pricing Agreement (PPA) with AWS, a strategic move aimed at long-term cost optimization. With their extensive expertise in cloud management and cost optimization, AC3 analysed PartsTrader's AWS usage and identified opportunities for cost reduction without compromising service quality. Leveraging their understanding of AWS's pricing models and options, AC3 negotiated a tailored PPA with AWS on behalf of PartsTrader. This agreement covers all AWS services and offers preferential pricing tailored to PartsTrader's specific needs and usage patterns. It aligns with PartsTrader's long-term cost-saving goals, providing financial predictability for better planning of AWS expenditure.

The Result

The PPA negotiated by AC3 demonstrated their commitment to helping PartsTrader harness the full potential of AWS while controlling costs. By securing favourable pricing and terms with AWS, PartsTrader not only reduced its immediate cloud spend but also gained a competitive edge in the market by efficiently allocating resources. This strategic collaboration between PartsTrader and AC3 exemplifies how expertise in cloud management, combined with strong negotiation skills, can lead to mutually beneficial agreements, paving the way for sustained growth and success in the digital landscape.

The Impact

Implementing the Preferred Pricing Agreement (PPA) negotiated with AWS by AC3 produced remarkable results for PartsTrader, maintaining stable annual costs despite continued market expansion. This financial stability enabled PartsTrader to focus resources on strategic growth initiatives and innovative developments, rather than being burdened by escalating infrastructure costs. The ability to cap AWS spending while growing market share highlights the successful partnership between PartsTrader and AC3, emphasizing the effectiveness of well-structured cloud cost management strategies in sustaining profitability and competitive growth within the automotive repair industry.