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Simple, secure cloud-based environment for Speedwell

Hear from Bruce Young, CEO at Speedwell on how AC3 delivered a simple, secure cloud-based environment.

"We approach technology from the perspective of what we call a digital engineer. People get us because they need a problem solve that no one else has been able to solve. So they contact Speedwell and we often look at it a different way. We'll get them the outcome they want but not necessarily in the way they've asked for it to be done. We have the ability to look outside that square and come up with a solution that meets their needs, rather than what they thought they were going to get."

"Speedwell won a tender for the Head to Health website from the Federal Department of Health, to build a platform helping people to find mental health resources. We needed to find an Enterprise level and 24 by 7 supported platform to host that on."

"We built it in Sitecore and we worked with AC3 to determine that Microsoft Azure was the appropriate platform. They helped us stand up the platform. The technology platform. We then built the software on top of that and deployed, it all within about a four-month, period."

"We looked around the market and we dealt with quite a few companies in the market. We had a small relationship with AC3 and we thought we'd reach out and see how they fit in."

"We evaluated the technical knowledge specifically in the Microsoft Azure area, but also in the knowledge around Sitecore. We felt they were the best fit for the solution for both us and for our client.

"The solution that was chosen was to run Sitecore PaaS. We chose Microsoft as a platform using the Azure PaaS solution and that was stood up by AC3 alongside our technology elite people. We designed a system, we made sure it was suitable for more potential from scaling, security, redundancy, backups, that whole side of things, cleared that with the client and then set a timeline. And had the technology stood up after which we work closely with them with the actual deployment of the code and database and finally sent the site live."

"The end result was the site went live at the time that the Federal Minister announced it. The site has since won numerous Australian and international awards for content, for strategy, for implementation. The site has been live ever since. We've had absolutely minimum downtime, and it's been a great success."

"We've been working with AC3 now, five, six, seven years. They've been great. They’re there when you pick up the phone, they're there, when you send an email, we've got a great relationship with the account managers so that we can get things happening quickly in there by picking up a phone and say, “Hey, can we need this moving?", "Can you get on to it?". They know their technology, they're a great place to refer to. They assist us when we're pitching in for work or whether we're helping an existing client choose the right platform. It's great to have the people behind us that have that knowledge of that technology platform. They basically work as part of our team."