“Hello, I'm Chris Liu. I'm the Development Manager in Unleashed. I head up the engineering competencies here.

“The challenge and the problem we are facing is Unleashed is a fast-growing company. We keep growing our customer base across the globe. We want to support business who are making good, high-quality products to consumers.

“The transformation of Unleashed from a system of recording into a system of result is really key. It's very key for a customer to understand their business having those insights, having those insights of their performance to help them to make the right decision, to make a smart decision.

“Look at the purpose of Unleashed, we're trying to support and, we're trying to help the business which they produce good products, the good products which will benefit every consumer as we’re all consumers, we’re all buying goods and we're all buying products.

“We want those high-quality products, especially the businesses producing products locally with a high quality. We want to support those businesses.

“Looking at those businesses make, manage and move other key aspects of their business. We're trying to be the back room of their business by supporting, not just note the recordings of what they do, but also providing some good information as what they, as a result of what they do. To help them to make good decisions and to help them to increase their performance of the business.

“In saying that, with the global goals, we’re providing those values to our customers at a global scale. So we need a solution and we need a foundation which we can deliver those values to our customers with this thing of being scale and being performing and being secure.

“The solution has been executed more like a journey. Start with a design to the phase of doing a prototype, to the phase they been the expert to help us to troubleshoot issues throughout the whole journey.

"AC3 built a foundation for us to start with, it's almost a kickstart of the initiative, and also along the launch, to help us to understand the technologies and to help us to build and mature our competencies around those areas.

“So it's a quite good experience for the team and it's a good kind of energy and to get the project started and to get value delivered to the customer.

“The result is awesome, we delivered our BI components at the beginning of the year, available to all the customers around the globe. Not just delivering the first cut at the beginning of the year, we're continuously delivering more value, more features, more improvements, in our BI components.

“On top of receiving the values from a customer's perspective, another key aspect is AC3 help us not just building a solution but also, help us to build our teams, to build our competencies of using AWS technologies.

“What we have learned throughout this engagement, it's not just having a product or component of the product to be delivered to a customer, more importantly as I mentioned is a competency as a mindset.

“It's thinking of using AWS services, how we can build a better solution to better support our business to deliver the value to our customers.

“It's lots of like in the technical challenges, in technical questions along the line being asked, being answered through that kind of exercise, it's a good journey for us to build our competencies inside the AWS landscape.”